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At WCM, we are dedicated to bringing you all the knowledge and wisdom you need to create the most amazing life you have ever dreamed of.

Whether you are a student of the Law of Attraction, a Personal Development Junkie, need help creating wealth through a Conscious Business, Deepening Your Spiritual Awareness, wanting to Have More Impact In The World, or looking to Reconnect With The Truth Of Just How Powerful You Are, it's all here in the Wealth Consciousness Movement.

Marguerita Vorobioff is the founder of the Wealth Consciousness Movement and a Mindset Transformation Specialist. 

Her wide variety of gifts and expertise as a Business & Mindset Coach, Global Entrepreneur, EFT Tapping Practitioner, Light Worker, International Speaker, Sound & Energy Healer and Author enable her to work with almost any conscious entrepreneur and guide them in the right direction to create their signature wealth formula.

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