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EFT Tapping For Fear, Faith & Emotional Wellbeing 

Your Finances | Your Freedom | Your Future 

*To hear the videos on a mobile phone, turn your phone to Landscape and unmute the video.*

*To hear the videos on a mobile phone, turn your phone to landscape and click the unmute button.*

Featured Tapping Video:

The Need To Belong

Introduction to EFT Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique

Resistance To Change

I Am The Power In My World

Life Is Hard

It's All Going To Be OK

Release Old Identity

Release Terror & Trauma Blueprint

**Tapping is not a recognised treatment for mental health issues. If you are experiencing anxiety or overwhelm that is affecting your mental and emotional wellbeing, please seek professional advice and assistance.**

Fear of The Unknown

Fear Something Bad Will Happen

I Just Want To Fit In

Release Shame

Feeling Yuck

Embrace Change

Fear About The Future

Be All Of You

Nothing Works For Me

Release Stress In Minutes


Unleash Greatness

Gratitude #1

(Become A Master Manifester)

Gratitude #2

I Am A Rockstar

Elevate Your Frequency

Stress, Overwhelm & Anxiety

Release Fears About

Your Past and Future

Accept & Love Your Flaws

Believe In Yourself

Permission To Play

Clearing Past Disappointments

I Am Enough

Loved & Supported By God 

& The Universe


Power & Positivity

During Coronavirus

Stress & Anxiety About Coronovirus

Stress Relief For Business Owners Re: Coronavirus

Faith, Certainty, Calm & Peace During Coronovirus

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Marguerita Vorobioff is the founder of the Wealth Consciousness Movement and a Mindset Transformation Specialist. 

Her wide variety of gifts and expertise as a Business & Mindset Coach, Global Entrepreneur, EFT Tapping Practitioner, Light Worker, International Speaker, Sound & Energy Healer and Author enable her to work with almost any conscious entrepreneur and guide them in the right direction to create their signature wealth formula.

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