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'Wow I loved Day 2 Tapping. Just completed and haven't stopped yawning how wonderful is that to let go of energy blocks. thank you Marguerita, you are so uplifting and absolutely beautiful.  '

Alicia Paterson

'Oh thank you Marguerita, when I did your first round of tapping with you, my eyes were filled with tears .. others came a huge joy     I love this . '


'I loved this tapping! It hit all the rights points about money. I just feel nice. ???? '

Dominic Ganteaume

'Unexpected money in the bank!!!!! kidding you not, £83.75 ????⭐️????????????
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! '

Kika Schuni

'Omg that was truly inspirational and aspiring!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I appreciate this so much!!!'

Angelina Diantonio

'Whenever a tapping session completely resonates, my body tells me I desperately need this by being tender in the underarm area. This is one of those sessions. Thank you so much! ????????????'

Janine Light-Foot Davies

'WOW. I had the biggest reaction to this tapping. Crying so much, whole body buzzing, intensely, and felt quite dizzy. This was a deep one for me. Thank you ????'

Brea Willingham

'????????????????.. beautiful just loving you money so much and this tapping ! Thank you so much Marguerita Vorobioff  . I love money and money loves me ! The financial shift has been incredible this week !'

Lucy Arruda

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Marguerita Vorobioff, Founder of the Wealth Consciousness Movement

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