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Mark Anthony Hamilton

Soul Medium Reader & Healer 

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Mark Anthony Hamilton is  a soul medium reader and healer. 

Mark Anthony Hamiliton is a Soul Medium, Author, Nutritional Rebalancing and Emotion Coach

As a soul medium reader and healer, it is Marks gift to communicate with your soul as an important source of information for your life’s journey.

Throughout life our soul communicates in various ways trying to guide us along our path towards total health and wellbeing. At times our body shows signs or symptoms of dis-ease through conditions like aches and pains, illnesses, stress, anxiety and depression, or reoccurring events or past hurdles leaving you wondering what is going on. You can also notice this through work and relationship struggles and progression; our past can hold us back and block us from moving forward.

During a soul medium session Mark communicates with your soul, using and array of psychic abilities, including but not limited to clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and clairvoyance (seeing) to receive messages conveying which of these symptoms or past events are simply a result of one’s lifestyle and which are designed to bring awareness, learning, ease and balance to your overall journey.

For Mark it is all about providing the knowledge, tools and strategies given through each reading that can benefit a person, providing the opportunity of growth towards their goals and passions as well as optimal health and wellbeing for their soul. Mark works with people of any age, even babies, all bookings are online.

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