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Dr Benji Trenkner

Specialist In Holistic Health

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Optimising Our Immunity.....

In recent times, emphasis on building a balanced and effective immune system has taken a back seat to a myriad of reactive and pharmaceutical interventions, that focus on treating the body for disease and illness, rather than preventing dis-ease before it sets in.

Dr Benji has spent the past 15 years treating and educating thousands of people on the importance of focusing on a wholistic approach to immunity.

Through a look at simple and readily available resources and preventive measures, let’s explore what each of us can do to live an optimal and joyful life.

Our bodies are highly intelligent organisms with complex protection and healing systems. By optimising the environments within our bodies through conventional and non-conventional natural methods, we can support our bodies ability to self-protest and self-heal.

We will be discussing a variety of holistic approaches to having a strong and robust immune system to protect you and your loved ones.

Dr Benji, is an Acupuncturist | Herbalist who has been specialising in immunity and autoimmunity for the past 15 years in his private clinic in Melbourne, Australia.

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