Marketing & Sales

Jump start your success with A The number one job of any entrepreneur or business owner is marketing. Without effective marketing, you don’t make sales, and if you don’t make sales, you don’t have a profitable business.

Marketing & Sales

Tips To Being A Better Marketer

How to improve your skill as a marketer so you can reach and grow your target audience.

Share Your Message With Confidence

Sharing your message with confidence and conviction will help build trust in your audience that you are worthy of their attention and investing their money with you.


Your personal and business brand are key to building a relationship of trust with your target audience.

Know What You're Selling

To effectively communicate your value, you must know what it is your selling.

Money Follows Attention

The most important commodity in business is ATTENTION.

Relationship Marketing

Build your relationship with your audience to earn their trust so they invest in the solution you're offering.

Organic vs Paid Marketing

Understand the benefits of both organic and paid marketing to decide which one is best for where you're at right now.

Selling With Soul Is Service

Sales is a dirty 5 letter word to many heart centred entrepreneurs. Overcome this problem by changing how you look at sales, because it is the cornerstone of your success in business.

Free Is Over Rated

In the online space, there is a lot of emphasis put on free content and free lead generation products. Whilst these have their place, understanding the psychology and limitations of free products is important for you and your audience.

Portal Of Power

The Portal Of Power is a training platform designed to help impact driven entrepreneurs gain the necessary knowledge, strategies and tools to build wealth through a business fast while fulfilling their soul mission and making a dent in the Universe.


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