90 Day Sprint

Step 6 – Optimize Your Environments

Optimizing your environments are a very important part of setting yourself up for success.

Marguerita Vorobioff
Lesson instructor:

Mindset Coach, Business Strategist, Light Worker & EFT Practitioner, Marguerita takes you through the practical steps to making your success inevitable with simple actionable exercises. 

Your environment must be inspiring, uplifting and supportive of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for you to be able to perform to the highest level. Find out in this video how to optimise your environments to support your success over these 90 days, and into the future.

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90 Day Sprint

Step 7 - Productivity Hacks

Lessons in this module:

90 Day Sprint

Step 1 - Make Your Goals Meaningful

Step 2 - What's Your Goal

Step 3 - Write Your Goals Down

Step 4 - Make A Plan

Step 5 - What's Your Business Model

Step 6 - Optimize Your Environments

Step 7 - Productivity Hacks

Step 8 - Prepare Your Mind For Success

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