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'LOVING this thank you Marguerita Vorobioff. I am posting daily on my Facebook simple yet powerful ..anyone can do this and the more people who do the more we all benefit THANK YOU x '

Jeanette Wilson

'Magical. I am a survivor and have always placed myself behind others. So i have chosen myself, my best friend and my daughter. The journey i am on with this challenge has been awe inspiring! I have felt things that i have never felt and i am blessed to have this guidance in your Gratitude Challenge. I thank you with the deepest of gratitude and look forward to tomorrow :) ???????? '

Cathy Taare

'Replay. It’s good to be grateful but to actually write it down reminds you that there’s so much more to be grateful for every moment of every day. It’s a nourishing practice and a privilege to be part of this????'

Victoria Kitanov

Every day has been great but day 5 was phenomenal. I count value as income these days, but to go back and think about everything that I was given as a child – that was, I don’t even have the words for it. It was just incredible.'

Beverley Wixon

'OMG this really works. Today I received a much needed substantial amount of money from an unexpected source. I can't express how I feel right now in words but just to appreciate this program. Thanks for everything you are sharing with us. You are truly blessed Marguerita. Thanks a million times.'

Gwen Shoniwa

'Hi! I've been doing your tapping not consistently but it seems that things are changing for me, normally I'm very passive in my business but in the last 2 days I've been commenting and engaging with others a lot in the social media and today I got a project to design, biggest job since 6 months ago! (and 6 more followers in my page...) Thank you! I'm so happy simply because it works, simply because I feel control in my life.'

Gila Scheich

'I am so overwhelmed with this that i just had to share. Saying thank you for the money i have received in my life has gone to another level! I am now saying thank you for the money i am receiving now! Every where i walked i found coins $$$ and i would say thank you then find another! OMG just this morning i was picking up more coins than ever before!! I collected just over $3.40 in just 2 hours of walking! Thank you! And got some walking time in as well! What more can you ask for but to say Thank you!????????????????'

Cathy Taare

'????????The Gratitude Challenge has helped me to make a very important shift. I enjoy the feelings of gratitude from writing my daily ten things for which I am grateful. I feel more abundant, which has helped me with feelings of lack. Now, because of gratitude, I think that I will be better able to get into alignment with manifesting my heart’s desires, as I am not coming from a conflicted mind that is not stressed by the back-and-forth of belief and doubt. I had a real reaction to the words from Day 5, “Thank you for all of the money I have been given throughout my life”. Kute Blackson says, we do not manifest what we want, we manifest what we are. Gratitude can help to create a mindset of abundance.'

Dominic Ganteaume

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