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On A Strategy Call I'll Help You In 3 Ways:

Work With You To Solve The Biggest Challenge You're Facing In Your Business Right Now
Identify The Constraints On Your Business Income, And Show You Strategies To Overcome Them 
Work With You To Create A Strategic Action Plan To Dramatically Increase Your Income Working Smarter NOT Harder in Your Business

Dear Entrepreneur, 

Do you want to achieve your business and income goals while making a difference and fulfilling your soul mission? 

What if you could rest easy knowing you had the ability to scale your income and your impact at will with proven systems and strategies that just work?

And how do you think having an unstoppable, billionaire mindset would help you in achieving all your goals and dreams?

Unfortunately, these days it feels like finding a unicorn with a golden horn at the end of a rainbow would be easier than building wealth through a business.

Lets be real...running a business is hard. 

Particularly when the marketing isn't going as well as it should and clients who want to pay you seem to be scarce.  

Have you ever: 

Woken up stressed out about where your next customer or client is coming from?

Felt lost, overwhelmed and confused about what's the best course of action to get a reliable, secure income flowing through your business? 

-  Worried about your business on the weekends and not able to be present with family and friends? 

-   Lay awake at night hoping and praying that your business will turn a profit this month? 

Are you:

 - Sick of being stuck on the rollercoaster ride of feast and famine income?

It's no secret, 

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding, as well as the most challenging things you will ever do. 

And with the current cost of living crisis, and so much uncertainty in the global economy, finding customers eager to buy your product or service is getting harder and harder all the time. 

The simple truth is...

 - 80% of businesses fail within the first 2 years

Most business owners have an 'entrepreneurial seizure' and start their business with a dream of creating financial and time freedom. Sadly the reality is that most soon realise they're working longer hours for less pay and they're more stressed than ever because they're struggling to create a secure and reliable cash flow, and they don't know how to change it! 

 - There is no one size fits all formula in business  

How many times have you bought into the promise of riches by a self-proclaimed 'business guru' using their 'exclusive formula', only to struggle to get that formula to work for you? That's because you're unique, and you need a solution that is tailored to your unique gifts, talents and expertise.

 - Overwhelm is the new normal for business owners 

Most business owners are in a permanent state of overwhelm. The demands of business in today's modern world are complex, and with so many options available for business models, systems, marketing, etc, it's almost impossible to know which way to turn. But there is a better way, by taking an analytic look at how to meet the unique needs of your business and achieving your specific goals


Even when you feel like you've got it all figured out,

There's always something unexpected that happens to bring back that anxiety and stress of uncertainty because you're facing a new set of challenges and you're back in that state of confusion and overwhelm not knowing what to do next. 

Trying to succeed in business on your own today is like juggling knives while blindfolded!

The best way to secure your business and financial future is to build an unstoppable wealth mindset. 

"Why" you ask?

Because your mindset is the foundation and key to ALL your success.  

It doesn't take Einstein to figure out that if you have a lack or poverty mindset, you will always struggle financially. 

But with a wealth and abundance mindset, your financial success is inevitable.

And when you have an UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET anything is possible.

Instead of continuing to flounder around in the dark in your business and leaving your financial success to chance, get expert advice on how to leverage the right systems and strategies that will help you to achieve results FAST!

"I wish I'd gotten help before it was too late". 

Don't be left saying that about your business and finances. 

Make a smart decision to get advice now and put yourself on the fast track to wealth and freedom in your business. 

When you think about it

there has never been a more important time to secure your financial future as an entrepreneur than right now. 

Here are just a few reasons why: 

- The global economic situation is highly volatile

With talk of a recession looming, if you leave yourself at the mercy of global economic forces, you risk losing everything. Smart business owners are reinforcing their income streams and securing their personal financial economy so they're not vulnerable to whatever crisis is looming just around the corner. 

- Entrepreneurs can change the world

You have a unique opportunity to make a difference. Scale your income and your impact now and help make the world a better place.

- The world needs you to be wealthy 

I know you have big dreams and an even bigger heart. As you build wealth in your business, you will help to impact thousands, even millions of lives. Don't just do it for yourself, do it for all those who will benefit as well. 


Not getting the right advice could be extremely expensive if your business isn't prepared for whatever the future holds. 

I know what your thinking.

"This all sounds great but..."

- How will I know if it will work for me?  I certainly don't have the time or money waste.  

- I've heard all the promises from so called 'experts' before, I know I need help, but I don't know who to trust.

- I'm smart enough to figure this out on my own. I don't need help. 

If you're thinking any of the above...You're not alone. 

The truth is, 

There are zero guarantees in business, 

and most businesses will fail because they don't get the right advice 

when they need it the most. 

And for most people, 

just the simple thought of 

wasting time and money 

getting it wrong 

would be headache so intense

that you would rather ram a pencil up your nose

and into your frontal cortex as it would be less painful.


Imagine for a moment. 

You could have all the answers to the questions above

in less than 30 mins! 


At the same time, 

Leave with a strategic action plan to accelerate achieving your business and financial goals.

Fully done for you,

100% customised, 

and personally tailored to your business. 

And the best part!

It's a 100% free service

How does it get any better than that? 

During This Free Business Strategy Session, 

You will receive you very own unique strategic action plan. 

This Includes proven techniques to:

 1. Clear your limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that are keeping you stuck. 

2. Develop an unstoppable mindset and unshakable confidence in achieving the success you desire.  

3. Create a wealth and abundance mindset, that supports you to create financial and time freedom through your business doing what you love. 

After this call you will have a step by step action plan to get on the fast track to achieving your business and financial success. 

This will hands down, be the best time spent

working on your business this year! 

Please Note - This is NOT a sales call.

It's a done with you strategy session, 

Where you get an actionable roadmap

to achieve your goals FAST. 

Most people love that I've helped them. 

What's cool is people usually ask to work with me and 

There is ZERO obligation to go further with me after the call. 

I just hope that I am able to help you in any way possible.

What other people say:

‘I was shocked to discover that I had my first $70,000 month and the following month was a $50,000 month. It was the most powerful experience.’

'You're the most powerful coach I've ever worked with.'

Brooke Ritchie

Wealth Coach

‘We've had this good connection where I could come to you for support when I needed you. As well as the business side of things, not just the tapping and not just the counselling and the coaching, but some of the business things you include in the program. So for anyone who doesn't have much business experience there's a lot of good value in there, but if you've got business experience there's also good value in there. So it doesn't matter where you're at there's always something that you can discover about yourself and your journey.’

Michelle Pavel

Mission Driven Women

‘I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have stumbled across Marguerita and her tappings and all these amazing scripts that she’s put together for us. It truly works if you do the work. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before and I can only attribute it to me changing my attitude about being worthy of money and success. I urge you to do these tappings and as weird as it might feel in the beginning, just go for it. She’s amazing. She’s been super receptive if ever I’ve reached out and I’m so grateful. Thank you Marguerita. To the rest of you, take a chance.’

Val Malnar 

Orange Tree Interiors -

‘I was successful before, but the successes came and then they went. They came and then they went and I really got sick of the rollercoaster. I was looking for something that would take me off the rollercoaster. And your program has kept me going, but not having to go through huge highs and lows. It kept me steady to just keep going and I know. I've been successful over the last 40 years and have done major things, but I believe what I will do in the next 10 years will exceed the last 40.’

Madonna Rouse

Global Entrepreneur

‘I have to say, Marguerita is a very special teacher.’

'I had a couple of sessions with her that really shifted me. And not only did they shift me but they gave me new ideas and new perspectives. And I don't know what happened, but over the course of those days I really felt like a different person at the end.'

'Marguerita is a totally high class coach and I would totally recommend her.'

Joe Mitchell

Corporate Coach

Get a Personalised Strategic Action Plan To Achieve Your Business & Income Goals 

That Includes 3 Separate Bonuses To Be Unstoppable In Achieving Success

Bonus #1

A Technique To Clear Your Fears, Doubts & Limiting Beliefs

This technique has been successfully used by millions around the world to release blocks to money, wealth & success.

Bonus #2

Free Access To Hours of Transformational Videos

Unlimited free access to dozens of videos to rewire your brain for success so you can be unstoppable at making your dreams a reality.

Bonus #3 

A Cheat Sheet To Use To Clear Your Blocks To Success 

Never be stuck with blocking beliefs again using this cheat sheet to remind you how to release whatever is preventing your success FAST! 

Featured Testimonials From My Clients

Sinead Flanagan

"I attended a tapathon and wow! I felt different, I worked on blocks I was not conscious I had. I benefited so much from the experience. I was even asked the next morning if something was different about me? I just looked and felt lighter. Highly recommend this lady."

Gaia Py

" Hi, working with Marguerita was an amazing experience. In just in the first session she helped me to get so much clarity about creating and growing my business. I came from being overwhelmed to getting some really strong and clear points on how to move my business to the next level. She is a very focused and highly motivated coach with tones of experience. She also helped motivate me to go into action now!
I am very grateful to be able to work with Marguerita. Gaia"

Janice Muir

"When this first crossed my path, I was sceptical of what it could really do, however when I knew it was an event with Marguerita from PitBull Mindset, I knew I was in for a change of an experience. What this group coaching did in the arena of tapping on money and mindset really touched on some deep issues not only for me however for everyone. I am still feeling the effects of this group coaching that truly identified what I was searching for." 

Madonna Rouse

"Marguerita knows where to take your soul to release the trapped notions/beliefs that have kept you stuck. She intuitively takes you on a journey to freedom, that you had no possibility of seeing or perceiving because you didn’t know you didn’t know. She is easy to trust and you feel safe in her hands. My life will never be the same (thank God) as a result of working with her. She makes you accountable and works with you to achieve your greatest. I highly recommend working one on one and her Billionaire University."


Receive Your Personalised Business Success Roadmap To
Increase Cash Flow In Your Business Today 

Please Note - This is not a sales call...

It's a done with you business strategy session 

Where you get a unique strategic action plan with proven 

success strategies and techniques to achieve your business and financial goals. 

Most people love that I've helped them. 

I find that people usually ask to work with me and 

Of course there is ZERO obligation to go further with me after the call 

It is my intention to help you to get you the results you want.

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Book Your FREE Business Strategy Session

Claim your Free 45-Minute Strategy Session to increase your income and secure your business future.

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