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Clear Your Head Trash To Get On The Fast Track To Making More Money Doing What You Love

Clear Your Blocks And Limiting Beliefs To Success
Get Clear On Your Goals And How To Achieve Them
Work On A Strategy To Build Wealth & Abundance
PLUS - Access To The Speed Wealth Workshop
PLUS - Access To The Tapping for $100K In 30 days Challenge


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Unlock Your Full Potential with Marguerita's Mindset Breakthrough and Strategy Session!

Are you tired of feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your dreams?
Do you find yourself constantly procrastinating, struggling to set and reach your goals, and feeling overwhelmed by the challenges life throws your way?
Are you ready to shatter those mindset blocks and break free from the chains of self-sabotage?

Look no further! Marguerita is here to guide you on a transformational journey that will empower you to unleash your inner potential and achieve the success you deserve.

Every person is different and has different needs. And your breakthrough session will be specifically tailored to help you where you're at right now, so you can make massive progress in achieving your goals fast.

Here are just some of the ways Marguerita will be able to help you during your session:

Identify and Clear Limiting Beliefs: Marguerita will help you pinpoint the hidden beliefs that have been holding you back, and help you to banish them from your life using EFT and other transformational techniques.
Overcome Self-Doubt and Procrastination: Say goodbye to that nagging voice of doubt and the habit of putting things off. Marguerita's expert guidance will help you regain your confidence and take action like never before.
Goal Setting and Strategy Development: Learn the art of setting powerful, achievable goals and creating a strategic roadmap to reach them. Marguerita's insights will supercharge your goal-setting process.
Unleash Your Inner Power: Tap into your untapped potential and unleash the powerhouse that resides within you. Marguerita's techniques will empower you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.
Mindset Mastery: Gain the tools and strategies you need to maintain a positive and growth-oriented mindset for long-term success.

Why Book A Breakthrough Session With Marguerita?

Marguerita is not just a mindset coach; she's a transformational guide who has been helping people for 12 years to break free from the shackles of self-limitation and achieve their dreams. With her compassionate and empowering approach, Marguerita will be your partner on a one hour journey to personal and professional growth.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Don't let another day go by feeling stuck and unfulfilled. It's time to break through those mindset blocks and embrace the life you've always wanted. Marguerita's Mindset Breakthrough and Strategy Session is your ticket to a brighter, more empowered future.


Spaces for this exclusive session are limited, so don't wait! Book your session with Marguerita today and embark on a transformational journey towards achieving your goals, realising your dreams, and living a life of abundance.


Your Destiny Awaits!
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Black Friday Special

Just $127*

*All Prices Are In USD

What Is The Speed Wealth Workshop?

Are you ready to ignite your financial future and achieve unparalleled success at warp speed? 

Your journey to wealth and prosperity begins here, and we've got an exclusive Black Friday offer that you won't want to miss!

In this transformational 6-hour event, you'll be guided through a step-by-step process that will supercharge your path to success.

Define Your Dreams and Design Your Destiny - Get crystal clear on your goals, dreams, mission, and vision. No more wandering aimlessly - it's time to set a clear course for your future.

Choose Your Wealth Creation Rocket Ship Select a wealth creation vehicle with absolutely no limits on your income potential.
Unearth Your Super Powers - Discover your unique talents and abilities that will become your secret weapon for success.
Navigate the Road to Success - Match your superpowers with the ideal wealth creation vehicle for your journey.
Craft Your Unique Success Blueprint - Create a strategic action plan to achieve your vision as quickly as possible.
Laser-Focus on the Next Month - Identify the most effective actions to take over the next month for rapid progress.
Crush Limiting Beliefs and Cultivate an Invincible Mindset - Eradicate limiting beliefs and develop an unstoppable, winning mindset.

Don't miss this limited-time opportunity to:

✨ Unleash your full potential
✨ Accelerate your journey to wealth
✨ Develop an unbeatable mindset
✨ Transform your life and finances

Join us at the Speed Wealth Workshop and unlock the doors to financial freedom, success, and a future filled with limitless potential.

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Saturday 2nd Dec Australian EST 8am - 2pm
Saturday 2nd Dec Australian EST 9am - 3pm 
Friday 1st Dec US PST 2pm - 8pm
Friday 1st Dec US EST 5pm - 11pm

The workshop will be recorded and available for replay

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Black Friday Special

Just $127*

*All Prices Are In USD

What's The 30 Day Tapping Challenge About?

Are you ready to shatter the limitations that have been holding you back from your true potential? 

This challenge is your ticket to rewriting your financial destiny and stepping into the abundant life you deserve. 

Based on the Tapping For $100K in 30 Days Video Series In The Wealth Consciousness Movement Library, this challenge is designed specifically to hold accountable and provide the tools and inspiration you need to do the daily practices to rewire your brain for money, wealth, abundance and success.

Get ready to dive deep, clear your path, and ignite the unstoppable mindset that will accelerate your journey towards success!

Clear Fears, Doubts And Limiting Beliefs That Are Stopping You From Receiving Money In Abundance
Heal Your Money Wounds & Trauma - Live Zoom Call
Transform Your Relationship & Results With Money
Stay Accountable To Your Daily Tapping Practice For 30 Days To Make Quantum Shifts In Your Mindset
Exclusive Access To Meditations & Downloads To Help You Remove Blocks And Create a Wealth Mindset
Build Unshakable Self Confidence And Belief In Your Ability To Succeed At Achieving Any Goal
Daily Emails With Mindset Hacks & Success Strategies To Help You Achieve Your Goals
Daily Posts In The Private Facebook Group To Keep You On Track To Making Your Dreams A Reality
2 Live Zoom Calls To Achieve The Breakthroughs You Need To Achieve Your Financial Goals Fast
Connect With An Amazing Community Of Like Minded People With Exclusive Access To The Facebook Community For Support and Accountability
Build Wealth Doing What You Love

YES! Book My Breakthrough Session With All The Bonuses NOW!


Black Friday Special

Just $127*

*All Prices Are In USD

What people say about working with Marguerita

‘I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have stumbled across Marguerita and her tappings and all these amazing scripts that she’s put together for us. It truly works if you do the work. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before and I can only attribute it to me changing my attitude about being worthy of money and success. I urge you to do these tappings and as weird as it might feel in the beginning, just go for it. She’s amazing. She’s been super receptive if ever I’ve reached out and I’m so grateful. Thank you Marguerita. To the rest of you, take a chance.’

Val Malnar 

Orange Tree Interiors -

‘I was successful before, but the successes came and then they went. They came and then they went and I really got sick of the rollercoaster. I was looking for something that would take me off the rollercoaster. And your program has kept me going, but not having to go through huge highs and lows. It kept me steady to just keep going and I know. I've been successful over the last 40 years and have done major things, but I believe what I will do in the next 10 years will exceed the last 40.’

Madonna Anne

Serial Entrepreneur

Janice Muir

"When this event first crossed my path, I was sceptical of what it could really do, however when I knew it was an event with Marguerita from PitBull Mindset, I knew I was in for a change of an experience. What this group coaching did in the arena of tapping on money and mindset really touched on some deep issues not only for me however for everyone. Each of us bought a unique awareness around our money issues and layer upon layer there was shift occurring for us all. We the clients were not aware of the impact as the situations unfolded. We all recognised our own issues around the topic only at different depths and this tapping experience truly gave clarity on a level never experienced before. Some shifted issues around impacts from childhood beliefs and even linage from our past to want us to all let go of the internal pain and chatter.

Marguerita, has a wonderful knowledge of what tapping is about and bought the session in with a landing that was a credit to her ability. I am still feeling the effects of this group coaching that truly identified what I was searching for. If I may share one piece of information and that is be open to what this technique can do and be ready to make a change and know from the bottom of your heart, if you are not at your core root then Marguerita will know and always asks a different question that opens the spirit to release all."

Sinead Flanagan

"I attended a tapathon and wow! I felt different, I worked on blocks I was not conscious I had. I benefited so much from the experience. I was even asked the next morning if something was different about me? I just looked and felt lighter. Highly recommend this lady."

Gaia Py

" Hi, working with Marguerita was an amazing experience. In just in the first session she helped me to get so much clarity about creating and growing my business. I came from being overwhelmed to getting some really strong and clear points on how to move my business to the next level. She is a very focused and highly motivated coach with tones of experience. She also helped motivate me to go into action now!
I am very grateful to be able to work with Marguerita. Gaia"

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