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Tapping for $100K In 30 Days Challenge

Watch The Video And Take The Steps Laid Out Below To Set Yourself Up For Success Over The Next 30 Days

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become the person you need to be who is capable of making $100,000 within 30 days. 

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Australia: 11th December
US: 10th December

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IMPORTANT: Watch The Video Below And Take Action Immediately To Get The Most Out Of The Challenge & Transform Your Mindset & Your Life In Just 30 Days!

10 Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success

STEP 1: Join the private Facebook Group and introduce yourself.

STEP 2: Start tapping with the EFT Tapping videos here and tap as much as possible every day. You can also download the tapping transcripts at the link below.

Download The Transcripts

STEP 3: Get a journal and a diary. Use the journal every day to answer the questions outlined in the video above, and prime your brain for success.
In the diary, write the achievement of your goal on the date of the final day of the challenge, and use it to write your actions and goals for each day.

STEP 4: Make a future paced selfie video celebrating your achievement on the final day of the challenge. You will watch this video each day to prime your brain to achieve the goal. More instructions in the video at the top of the page.

STEP 5: Identify your why and give the money meaning. The amount doesn't have meaning until you determine how it's going to change your life and how you're going to use the money. And get clear on why you're going to go all in on your challenge. Your why will mean the difference between whether you succeed or whether you don't. 

STEP 6: Create a vision board with a visual representation of the achievement of your goal.

STEP 7: Create a Mind Movie to watch daily. Instructions on how to make a Mind Movie at the link below. 

STEP 8: Download the Abundance Meditation to listen to daily.

STEP 9: Connect with an accountability partner in the group to support and encourage each other for 30 day challenge. This is an important part of the challenge as you inspire and uplift each other to stay focused and do the work for the 30 days.

STEP 10: Every day take 3 strategic action steps that will get you closer to your goal.

Achieving a goal is so much more fun with friends.
Share this link with others to have them join in the fun and achieve this epic goal together!


Marguerita Vorobioff

Conscious Mindset & Business Coach

Marguerita is on a mission to help 100,000 impact driven entrepreneurs to build wealth and change the world.

She has been working with conscious entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers for over 10 years to help clear their limiting beliefs and activate their power so they can create a business and a life they love, and make a positive difference in the world.

She has also worked and studied along side multi-millionaires and billionaires to uncover their secrets to wealth so she could realise her own visions and dreams, as well as share these secrets with others so they can too.

Using powerful tools like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), Sound Healing, Divine Energies, Peace Process, Instant Miracle Technique, other energy healing techniques and proven mindset coaching strategies, Marguerita quickly removes limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to your success, wealth & freedom.

When you change your mindset, everything changes.”

DISCLAIMER: The challenge is designed to help conscious entrepreneurs achieve significant shifts in their wealth and success mindset fast. We make no claims or representations that by participating in the challenge you will earn money or recoup your investment. Your results will depend on a variety of variables including your current wealth and success psychology, your level of effort and education, the effectiveness of action taken and willingness to seek further development and education to achieve your goals. While any testimonials used are real, these results are not typical and we make no earnings or return on investment claims. This challenge is about helping existing and aspiring business owners who are committed to their personal and business growth and development to be the best they can possibly be and accelerate achievement of their goals and dreams.

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