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Release Your Trauma Blueprint

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We all carry trauma we're not aware of. Some of us even carry terror from our current and past lives as our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields are imprinted by the emotions of experiences. These blueprints have powerful and profound impacts on our wellbeing and our mindset. This means they impact our beliefs, our actions and our results. When you release emotional attachment to these events, even from past lives, it can dramatically impact your results. Tap along with this video to feel the relief.

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Emotional Wellbeing

Introduction To EFT Tapping


EFT - I Am A Failure

Internal Peace, Love & Harmony

The Need To Belong

I Am Divinely Guided, Guarded, Directed & Protected

Releasing Resistance To Change

I Am The Power In My World

Life Is Hard

It's All Going To Be Ok

Release Your Old Identity

Release Your Trauma Blueprint

Fear of The Unknown

Fear Something Bad Will Happen

I Just Want To Fit In

Release Shame & Humiliation

Feeling Yuck

Embrace Change

Fear About The Future

Be All Of You

Nothing Works Out For Me


Unleash Greatness

Relieve Stress & Anxiety in Minutes


More Gratitude

I Am A Rockstar

Elevate Your Frequency

Ease, Joy & Glory

Stress, Overwhelm & Anxiety

Release Fears About Your Past & Future

Accept & Love Your Flaws

Believe In Yourself

Permission To Play

Clear Past Disappointments

I Am Enough

Loved and Supported By God

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